Information and conditions

Information and conditions
The following information and conditions form an integral part of the proposal relating the stay and the structure; customers, guests, visitors and anyone who finds themselves inside the village are required to comply with the Regulations.

Only one car and its parking is allowed inside the Village. It is absolutely not allowed to park in pitches. Customers who rent Holiday Homes and pitches are bound by the time of silence: from 1.30pm to 3.00pm and in the evening, from 11.30 until 8am: it is not possible to circulate, enter and exit inside the campsite with motor vehicles, entry and exit are allowed only on foot. The motorcycle admitted inside will be provided with an identification pass, a sticker, to be affixed in a visible way. During the time of silence, noises that disturb the peace and quiet of the clients are forbidden .Therefore, during these hours no noisy gatherings or meetings are allowed, the use of hearing aids or instruments, including radios or the like, must always be kept at low volume.

- MINORS are admitted only if accompanied by parents or by adults who are directly responsible for them or by a written proxy countersigned by their parents.
- VISITORS: the Management reserves the right to accept them subject to organizational needs and, in any case, at its sole discretion. The same, they will always have to report to the Reception, and to show an identity document. The visitors must be announced and welcomed by the customer at the Reception.

- Although for some people the dog is an integral part of the family, it is appropriate to understand and follow some rules of conduct essential to ensure that in general it cannot create any kind of discomfort and disturbance to other guests and all staff
- It is allowed to bring the dog in the pitches and ona only and exclusively in some apartments in the residence.
The animal must be in compliance with the health vaccinations and for this reason the Management requires to bring the health booklet. The dog must be equipped with a collar with identification plate and inside the structure must always be tied to the leash. It is not mandatory to use a muzzle but it is a good rule to always have it with you: even if your dog is tame, the change and stress caused by a trip may make him nervous. It is absolutely forbidden to leave the dog alone and unattended inside the assigned apartment even for a short period and in any area of the village.The customer is required to remove immediately any excrement left by his animal in any area of the accommodation facility
The customer is responsible for damages and deteriorations resulting from the presence of the animal; therefore the customer is 100% responsible for the behavior of his animal that is directly responsible for any injury to persons or animals within the accommodation unit and close the accommodation's facility and in the immediate vicinity of the same . It is advisable to examine the assigned accommodation well and check that there is nothing that could hurt or swallow the dog. Creating an environment favorable to your dog means being equipped with any bunks, blankets where the dog can lie down. Please remember that it is strictly forbidden to let your dog on the beds/couches.It is forbidden to bring the dog into the pool.
It is a good rule of conduct to try to keep the dog and the accommodation clean.

- In high season arrivals, as well as departures, are regulated in accordance with the FIXED time: arrivals on Saturday afternoon from 4.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m., and departures on Saturday morning from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.
- In low season the arrival and departure times and days can be more flexible and will be agreed in advance.
On the day of arrival will be requested the valid identification documents of each single member who will stay inside the structure that will be returned only after having registered the relative data to be transmitted to the Police Headquarters.
- Will be requested a deposit of 200,00 Euro EXCLUSIVELY IN CASH, which will be returned only the day of departure (from h. 8 to h. 10 in the morning or at times previously agreed with the Management) after checking the accommodation that must be left clean and tidy: it is required that the linen is removed from the beds, folded and left inside the shower - no dishes to wash - turn off the fridge and left open the door - the garbage is taken to the appropriate bins outside the village in well-sealed bags and deposited following the separate collection. Inside the Village it is forbidden to dispose of bulky waste.
-The deposit of 200,00 euro will be returned only after the authorized staff has checked the accommodation at the time of departure. Any discrepancy between what was given and what was found must be immediately communicated in the reception, any breakages will be charged to the account.
- Possible departures that do not fall within the time set must be authorized by the Management. The deposit will be kept and sent by bank transfer within the end of October 2021. To the sum of the deposit will be deducted the bank commission for an amount equal to 5,00 Euro.

- If you wish to confirm your reservation definitively for an apartament or a mobil home, we kindly ask you to send us the same email, will follow our request to advance an account of 40% of the total stay - a deposit of 20% for pitches or half pitches:the advance payment can be paid by bank transfer or alternatively there is also the possibility of credit card VISA circuit or prepaid card.
We remind you that on our website is active the Booking on line.
The payment must match the name of the person making the reservation.
- It is the customer's obligation to give the exact measurements of the equipment: length of the camper, length including tow hook for the caravan, length and width for the tent.

In case of cancellation
- APARTMENTS AND MOBIL HOME: if the cancellation is received within 21 days from the date of arrival, the full amount of the advance payment will be refunded - it will be transferred by bank minus the commission charges for an amount equal to 5,00 Euro BY THE END OF OCTOBER 2021. Alternatively, you can use the same amount for another stay (depending on our availability) which must be made by 07.11.2021, the day of closure of the Village. It is understood that if the cancellation is communicated after 21 days, the deposit will be automatically lost.
- PITCHES AND HALF PITCHES : if the cancellation is received within 10 days from the date of arrival, the full amount of the payment will be refunded - it will be transferred by bank transfer minus commission charges for an amount equal to 5,00 Euro BY THE END OF OCTOBER 2021. Alternatively, you can use the same amount for another stay (depending on our availability) which must be made by 07.11.2021, the day of closure of the Village. It is understood that if the cancellation is communicated after 10 days, the deposit will be automatically lost.

For guests staying in the residence we inform that linen is already included in the cost of the stay and that what will be provided is what will remain for the whole week: single sheets, double sheets, pillowcases, n.2 towels per person, tablecloth, napkin, kitchen towels and foot mat.For those staying more than a week , the change of linen will be made by authorized personnel on Friday morning from 9.00 am to 11.00 am.
For customers staying in Classic and Superior mobile homes the linen is not included in the cost of the stay, the customer can bring it or alternatively, paying an extra charge, rent it on site with the necessary change if it is a stay of several weeks.

Daily rates are from 12.00 on the day of arrival until 11.00 a.m. on the day of departure.
PITCH - the prices are inclusive of 3 people with a supplement of 20% for each additional person (children under 2 years old are excluded from the count), parking of one car inside the Village and use of the swimming pool, small playground for children.
HALF PITCH - the rates include only 2 people, parking of one car inside the Village and use of the swimming pool, small playground for children.
HOT SHOWERS ARE FREE Light connection: Euro 2, 50 per day - For the winter period only the light connection has a cost of 5, 00 Euro per night - Max power 6 ampere - The customers must have with them electric cable and industrial socket.
The pitches are assigned by the staff, who, depending on the situation, can take into consideration the requests of the guests. The number of days of stay is calculated according to the number of nights, regardless of the time of arrival. It is forbidden to light fires on the ground: the use of the grill is allowed only in such a way as not to constitute danger or disturbance.

• For strictly accounting and practical reasons, we kindly ask you to settle the balance by the Thursday before departure in the case of stays from Saturday to Saturday. For short stays, the balance is required at least the day before departure. The balance for the Camping places is requested at least 2/3 days of the departure.
• The Management assumes no responsibility for any loss or removal: in this regard, we remind you that at the Village Management it is possible to leave non-bulky objects and cash in custody and collect them during office hours upon delivery of the receipt given to you at time of deposit. The service is not extended to customers who find the safe inside the apartment.
• Please note that the tourist tax will be required to be paid exclusively in cash at the time of the balance
• SWIMMING POOLS The swimming pool for adults and the one for children are open every day from 09.00 to 19.00; from h. 13.30 to h. 3.00 the pool will remain open but swimming is not allowed.
Entrance and use are free for camping guests. The use of the swimming cap is mandatory. Guests are kindly asked to behave appropriately (it is forbidden to dive, make noises, use radios or other devices that cause noise or disturbance to other customers) It is mandatory to take a shower before entering the pool.
The use of a swimming cap is mandatory.
It is forbidden to introduce glass containers (glasses, bottles and more), to run on the edge of the pool and to occupy deckchairs and sun loungers with towels or any other personal object.